Marilyn Misandry

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About Marilyn Misandry

  • LOCATION: Manchester, England
  • PRONOUNS: She/her they/them
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: I like boys!

Marilyn is...


An invited opinion piece in the Independent

An advocate

An invited speaker at AutismCon 2016

An inspiration

Read her interview for PROJECT QUEER

A commentator

Listen as she holds court on DaBoo radio programme.

"We're joined once again by the fabulous Marilyn Misandry as we talk about gay rights activist Peter Tatchell and feminist Julie Bindel who have both been ''No platformed'' due to their racist and transphobic comments....Is this censorship? Or should they be stopped from viewing their bigotry? Take a whole bunch of seats, take all the seats, and tune in for the tea......"

A voice and a DJ

Fiona Ledgard interviews Marilyn Misandry, darling of the club scene, about DJing!

Glamorous and sophisticated

Marylin Misandry performs at Manchester drag party Cha Cha Boudoir, the home of FABULOUS! (Video by Rudy)

Marilyn is fabulous

Marilyn is a DJ

Marilyn is a make up artist

Marilyn is a dancer

Marilyn is a queen

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